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Video Chat # 1 - ChatRut

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Chat Roulette - quality and easy communication at any time of the day or night

As sociologists claim, the serious problems of modern people are disunity and internal barriers that prevent full-fledged communication. How do we live? Home, work, supermarket on the weekend, TV or the Internet in the evenings, occasionally - gatherings with colleagues. It is more and more difficult to “squeeze” live human communication into a habitual way of life. Loneliness is the main consequence of our closeness and loss of speaking and hearing skills. But our personal happiness directly depends on the ability and practice of communication - where to find a soul mate, a sweetheart or just a girl for a pleasant, non-binding conversation? We are becoming more shy and closed, do not meet on the street, pass by an attractive employee from the neighboring department, do not dare to go to a pretty stranger in a cafe. Is there a way out of this vicious vicious circle? The Internet, the ruthless absorber of our time, oddly enough, can help us! Specially created for us video chat Roulette, designed to give us the most valuable thing in our life - communication.

Video Roulette - the sea of ​​opportunities for your communication

What is this video chat and how can it help you? First of all, this is live communication with interesting people in real time. Completely free, you can chat on any topics with strangers at the other end of the country, share your feelings and experiences, learn a lot of new and interesting things, just relax and get away from everyday activities, eventually. Agree, this is a great opportunity for every person, regardless of gender, age, social status. What is interesting, video Roulette is always an element of surprise: you never know in advance who you will be communicating with now or in 10 minutes. The system automatically chooses the interlocutor for you, using the method of random numbers! To do this, you just need to have a video camera and a microphone to connect to Сhatroulette. The principle of roulette and nothing else! But it is he who carries for you a lot of interesting, exciting and exciting acquaintances that can change your life.

What can we do for you? Almost everyone!

Let's talk about the benefits of Сhat Ruletka, adopting specific examples.

  1. Overcoming shyness. Many people are faced with the great difficulty of real communication: internal barriers, complexes, dissatisfaction with their appearance and with themselves take away the determination to communicate with people in real life. But you can change your life for the better, find new friends and even your love if you overcome your shyness! Chat Roulette 24 is a great opportunity to practice your communication skills and gradually get rid of many complexes in communication. For many shy people, the mere fact that the interlocutor is only on the monitor screen makes you feel much more comfortable and in psychological security. Thus, simply by communicating with people on various topics, you can help yourself develop useful conversation skills, pleasant conversation and even flirting. Dare, you will succeed!

  3. Saving for forever busy. For business people living in constant time trouble, the issue of lack of communication is also relevant. Business meetings, the solution of working moments with colleagues do not count - I want new impressions, more informal and unconstrained topics. Video Roulette 24 is an opportunity to connect to the conversation at any time. The service works around the clock, which is very suitable for people with irregular working hours. Finished the meeting at 10 pm? Open video chat and chat with other night owls. Did you have a free minute before lunch? Talk with the same workaholics - who, if not they, will “understand and forgive” your desire to be in time and do your best for 24 hours a day?

  5. Hope for lonely hearts. If you are looking for your soul mate, but for some reason you cannot find it in reality, do not despair. Chatrulet will help you in your quest. Here you have very high chances to communicate with an attractive girl or an interesting young man. Chatting in a random chat room does not oblige you to anything! Be polite and friendly, and you will definitely like each other. In this case, nothing prevents you from sharing contacts for an offline meeting, and who knows, maybe this is your destiny?

  7. Help in a difficult moment. Bad, difficult times everyone has, and everyone knows how difficult it is to endure in solitude. When there is no one to talk about their problems, share painful problems and just pour out the soul, it becomes truly unbearable. It is often difficult for us to tell family and friends about our problems - they may not understand us, and relations with them will deteriorate. Sometimes a stranger with his own life experience and vision of the world becomes the best psychologist. By telling your interlocutor video chat 24 that worries and oppresses you, you can get an answer to the main question.In the end, just to speak out or vice versa, it is very helpful to listen to a person.

  9. Simply a pleasant communication. Do you like to communicate, meet new people, learn something new and useful for yourself every time, discover the edges in your own soul? Then video chat 24 is what you need. Here you can just have a nice chat "about nothing", learn something new about what is interesting for you, discover some new field of knowledge, expand your horizons. You never know who videochat will connect you with! Are you celebrating something, and your interlocutor too? Then clink glasses through the monitor - it will cheer you up even more! Get ready to cook something delicious? Ask your hostess on the other side of the monitor for advice on cooking! Are you into fishing or cars? If you are lucky to meet the same lover, then you can find a great friend for the rest of your life!

Your quality and safe communication is above all for us!

Video chat Roulette is an unlimited field of opportunities for you! Discover the world of live communication, expand your horizons and go to meet new things! We, in turn, care about the quality of communication in our webchat. Video 24 is the place where strictly follow the rules of decency and do not allow gross violations of etiquette, morality and morality. To protect you from unpleasant moments, we carefully monitor what is happening online, and periodically monitor the screens of our chat rooms. Study and follow the simple rules of our web chat, and enjoy high-quality and pleasant communication. Chat roulette - it's interesting, exciting, easy and always useful for you! We are waiting for you at any time of the day or night for high-quality and productive communication!

The most popular video chats

The most popular chat roulette is , created in November 2009 by an ordinary Moscow schoolboy, Andrei Ternovsky, nowadays is a household name and sets the tone for most Internet sites that are focused on a random search of interlocutors.

Appearing a few months earlier than its international counterpart - Omegle (created on March 25, 2009), it is she who can rightfully head the list of chat roulettes of the whole world. And even if the current attendance of Chatrulett is ten times lower than at the peak of its popularity (150 thousand versus 1.5 million people a day), this does not prevent it from remaining a leader among casual dating services. Andrei Ternovsky is still working with the platform, trying to make his video chat as convenient as possible for communication. Among the latest innovations chatrulet is a registration system (by invitation, for money, etc.) and the ability to ban users.

The child of American schoolchild Leif K-Brooks Omegle.com gives its users more freedom of action: unlike the chat roll, there is no need to worry about registration - the communication is completely anonymous. For your part of the screen, you will be called as “You” (“You”), and your interlocutor (and you for someone) - “Stranger” (“Stranger”). You can communicate either by connecting the video chat, or by setting the text format of the conversation. Like all popular chat roulettes, Omegle finds interlocutors in a random mode, but for those who want to somehow specify the search, there is the possibility of specifying their interests. Needless to say, this principle allows Omegle to be a leader in the rating of a daily audience of more than 220 thousand people?

The third most popular webchat, Bazoocam.org, works with the French-German public and boasts 40,000 visitors per day. The Russian audience in this regard is much more interesting VideochatRU.com, which every day comes about 10 thousand people. This site does not require a paid registration and is moderated, which allows not to allow communication of absolutely inadequate elements. For those who need complete anonymity and freedom of action, it makes sense to look at Facebuzz.com - the American equivalent of roulette chat, where the interlocutors will be a little less than at VideochatRU.com, but they will not have to worry about moderation. Those who wish to communicate with random Russian users will be useful to take a look at Videomail Mail.ru - the second most popular Russian chat roulette. Chat is moderated, but communication in it is conducted in the native language.

Videochat 18 without registration

Video Roulette 18 Plus without registration is a mutual exchange of thoughts and feelings in the process of spontaneous conversation. Here you will never be bored. If the previous interlocutor did not impress you with anything, go on to the next one and continue entertaining communication.

Chatrouletka free and without registration with girls

Chat roulette with girls? It sounds tempting, even delicious! And also very exciting, because you can hear and see in the webchat a lot of interesting things. Even watching the interior of someone else’s apartment in the background causes genuine interest.

German video chat

Modern video chat is an ideal place to establish foreign contacts. You can, of course, pack your bags and hitchhike across Europe, but it will be worth the time and money. Chat roulette is able to quickly and free to communicate with any person who has exactly the same web chat as you have. It is very easy to set up chatroulet: go to it, click on "All countries" and choose a country. Let it be today - Germany (Germany).complement each other. I realized this as a child when I heard a story about how my great-great-grandfather during World War I was captured by the Germans, worked for a long time on the farm of a rich burgher, and liked him so much with his hard work that he decided to marry his daughter . Since at the moment of captivity my great-great-grandfather was already married and even had several children, the wedding did not take place, but the story that we always got along with the Germans (WWII - not counted) was firmly entrenched in our family and my mind.

B German chat roulet I was following new impressions. I wanted to understand what modern Germans are; I wanted to communicate with both guys and girls. It is ridiculous to say, but I was interested in the latter in terms of appearance: I wanted to dispel or disprove the myth that German men are much more beautiful than their compatriots. The first time was difficult, as the German roulette always threw up the representatives of the stronger sex - of all ages and nationalities (modern Germany is not only Germans, but also Russians, Jews, Turks, Arabs). Then the girls began to come across, after talking with whom I realized that my great-great-great-grandfather would not have married a German woman even if he were single. But if I were in his place, the German would definitely not have refused the offer of a hand and heart: for the most part the representatives of Germany were beautiful and. decent. I would even say that they are ordered in those rules that only lazy people in Russia do not laugh at.

The German webchat, known as chat roulette in Germany, revealed to me in Germans one surprising feature: with all their love for the internal and external routine, they kept the house very casually. When I entered German video chat online, I occasionally ran across scattered clothes or unwashed plates. However, in a strange monastery, especially foreign, with its charter is not worth it to climb. It is terrible to imagine what the German video chat was showing for my part. I think that as soon as I get a little clean in my room, the German chat roulette will be turned on again in my search mode for interlocutors from Germany.

Chat roulette 18 for adults

Our life is sometimes unpredictable and full of surprises. When, in search of your happiness, you have lost all hope of success, fate gives you one more chance to become happy!

Video chat 24 hours

Publicizing people is increasingly turning to the Internet — such is the objective reality. And chat roulette 24 hours (you can meet another name - video chat 24) - this is one of the best tools of this reality. Let me tell you more about it from my own experience.Understanding that perfectly, we wrote the code for Videotailer24 so that it works on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with any operating system. We paid particular attention to the currently most popular OS - Android and iOS. Read more about our video chat on Android.

In principle, there are no differences between a web chat on Android or, let's say, on Windows. The principle of operation and functionality are the same:

  1. You can work without registration and free.

  3. You can register and get your personal account. You can put your personal photos in it, and one of them (you need to specify which one) will appear on the main page of “Videorulet24” and will be available for review to all. By clicking on it, the user will go to your personal account, where they can leave a personal message - for example, with their contact details.

  5. Video Roulette on Android also allows you to select the country with which users you would like to chat.

  7. The interlocutor is selected randomly (the same roulette!).

The only difference is video chat on Android from Windows - in the display on the screen, because the dimensions of the latter on the PC and on the smartphone are very different both in absolute size and in aspect ratio. Moreover, if in the desktop the width is greater than the height, then in the phone it is the opposite.

If you entered the chat roulette via a smartphone, you may experience some difficulties with navigation (this depends heavily on the particular model of the gadget). In this regard, the advice: in order for to measure the roulette on Android not cause any inconvenience, install the application on your smartphone. Download video chat on Android, as well as use it, is completely free. What does this give?

  1. Convenience in navigation. All buttons will be visible, so it’s more convenient to click on them.

  3. The application requires less RAM and other gadget resources, and the chat roulette on Android will run faster than if you open the browser version. For low-end phone models, this is a significant advantage.

A as a whole, the use of “VideoLet24” on a mobile gadget has one valuable quality: you can show your interlocutor not only the interior of your apartment, but also scenes from the life of your city. It turns out as if shooting online with a webcam, only, unlike the latter, the video will be conducted not from one point - and the interlocutor may ask what exactly to show. Surely such video chat rooms on Android are popular with all users. This makes it easier to find people around the world who would agree to continue a closer acquaintance. And as the wise proverb says: "Do not have 100 rubles, but have 100 friends."So try video chat for Android and enjoy its convenience!

How to access video chat from a


Thanks to the ability to communicate without registration, chat roll has become very popular. Of course, many people want to communicate in chatrulette not only sitting at home behind a PC or laptop, but also through mobile devices - a phone or tablet.

Mobile version of video chat roulette

I want, as a longtime fan of the web chat, to talk about a convenient innovation that has appeared in the video chat. This is the ability to communicate with your smartphone! And it does not matter what your operating system is - Android or iOS. Owners of smartphones with Windows background will not be offended, for example from the series Lyumiya.

Video chatting Chatroom

If you are from Kazakhstan and cannot find a suitable chat for communication and new acquaintances, we are pleased to introduce the video chat GYR-GYR.

Our chatroom unites many interesting and friendly people from different cities of Kazakhstan.

Plant new friends - it is always interesting! Video chat GYR-GYR gives you the opportunity not only to communicate and correspond with your interlocutor, but also to contemplate the one with whom you are having a conversation, which is a great advantage. In addition, with the chat roulette you will never suffer an unpleasant disappointment when you meet, as the communication takes place almost alive. This is very different from the usual chat chat dating. In normal chat rooms, most people are often not who they say they are. With the Gyr-Gyr video chat, there will not be such surprises!

The main advantage of chat is simplicity and convenience in communication. In order to start a conversation, you need to press the "Start" button and a window will appear on the screen with a picture of your interlocutor. Chat room works on the principle of casual dating, so you never know who will be on the screen. If for some reason you are not satisfied with a new casual acquaintance, you can always continue the search for your interlocutor using the “next” button. Also, the chat GYR-GYR is anonymous and does not require registration and personal data.

Our chat roulette will not give you a reason to be bored, because there are always many adult and interesting people in chat who are always happy to meet and talk about their interests. That is why in Kazakhstan video chat GYR-GYR is very popular and every day our audience becomes more and more. Many residents of Kazakhstan have already realized that the video chat GYR-GYR is very easy, convenient, fast and not difficult. Chat roulette is a very good chance, especially for the category of people who are not used to meeting on the streets. Here you will have the opportunity to show off your intellect or charisma, knowing that there will definitely be people who will support you.

Chat roulette GYR-GYR - this video chat is primarily for those who are willing to take risks and give a choice to the occasion. After all, it is impossible to disagree that in our life a lot of things are decided by chance. And if you are bored or just formed a bad day, if you are not in the mood, if you crave for love or just want to flirt easily, if you have no friends or you suddenly feel lonely - go to our chat room roulette! In our chat you will receive new unforgettable impressions and be surprised how much your life will become brighter and more fun!

Video chat: free chat

City - the greatest value for the modern man. Our life is difficult and sometimes, apart from virtual communication, there are no other chances to talk with other people, discuss any issues, or just share the secret. Opportunities to chat roulette allow you to find a person in any part of the world and fill in the gaps in communication easily and conveniently. Speak on video chat when it is convenient and necessary for you!

New word "chat": what is the point?

Want to know what attracts so many people in this new word? In fact, everything is very simple and clear:


  • is a joy to communicate with interesting people;

  • online webchat, allowing you to create the illusion of personal communication on a park bench or at a cafe table;

  • The way to spend your leisure time is interesting and even fascinating;

  • opportunity to find the interlocutor on interests - the fan of cinema or books, other subjects.

  • Video Roulette brings together thousands of users, and this is its main value. In addition, this chat is in the stage when development occurs every day, and all this together makes the communication not real and colorless, but real, lively, multi-faceted. With a free web chat, you will have something to brighten up the sad autumn evenings, when rain is knocking on the asphalt outside the window, and the mood is rapidly moving to zero.

    Talking, talking, talking ...

    The popularity of Roulette - the video chat with this name is already widely known enough - becomes the hallmark of this method of communication. In many ways, the role played by the computerization of our society, the available Internet, and the shift in emphasis. Free chatroulette is a joy for introverts, but so are lovers of chatting until dawn.

    Easy to use chat - a separate plus. So, to start a conversation, you do not need to go through a long registration procedure, and this is just wonderful. Chat roulette is available immediately for free, and you can connect with the other person almost instantly. The number of users is growing every day, which increases the chance to meet an interesting person and provide themselves with virtual conversations for a long time.Our analogue of Chatroulette is your car in a long-distance express train, and your interlocutor is that same fellow traveler. Completely new standards of communication are coming to Russia, and our webchat is one of the brightest.

    The advantage of a free chatroulet is that absolutely anyone can use all its functions. It is not necessary to be an advanced user of the Internet in order to learn the rules of the Roulette chat. Transitions from one function to another occur quickly and do not contain any obstacles, which means that many are involved in this type of communication.

    A society divided according to the principle of belonging to one or another of its layers sometimes sets a sufficiently rigid framework. Well, video chatting gives a chance to break all existing social conventions and become what you want. Shy and decisive, bright and faded, intelligent and not very - we are all people who are hungry for communication and find their grain in it. There are many people in Russia today who are willing to communicate in such an interesting way and find in it many advantages for themselves.

    Using Russian video chat for free becomes possible right now, no need to hesitate!

    Russian video chat dating

    Russian dating video chat is a reason to change your life and start daily communication with people from different countries. Video chat for dating will be a real discovery, and also an irreplaceable pass to a new world, and dating through video chat will be a reward for courage.

    The magic of Russian communication roulette is available to everyone!

    Man lives in a world of constant communication. But how often there is not enough time or not the right person to talk about sore. Now all such issues are solved instantly! It is enough to use the Russian roulette chat service via the Internet to find an excellent contact and just speak out.

    Online video chat

    New reality of the third millennium - video chat rooms online. Conversations at any time of the day will give joy to all who have not yet found their format of communication. Online video chat for men and women of different ages and social statuses - new on the World Wide Web.

    Video Roulette: Try Your Fate

    Video Roulette is an interesting and useful service that allows you to get to know an interesting person without leaving your home and spend your leisure time with high quality. Roulette chat without registration allows you to start chatting almost immediately. You yourself determine the duration of the new relationship and do not bear any obligations to the partner in the virtual conversation. The basic principle of video routing is an automated search for a suitable interlocutor.There, on a virtual street, we can meet a man whose interests coincide with ours. And for those who just love to chat, there are chats. The only pity is that not always we can see what our interlocutor looks like in reality. After all, on the Internet, everyone strives to create an ideal image for himself. But do not despair! Video chat will help to communicate on the Internet with a living person, and not with an image with a nickname and “avatar”.

    Main qualities of the ideal Internet interlocutor

    Online chatting and especially chatting often helps notorious people to reveal themselves, get rid of communication problems and make new friends in different parts of the world, and maybe love for life. But it also happens that we may get caught by a “poisonous” interlocutor, after “talking” with whom it’s not something that is in the video chat - I don’t want to sit on the Internet! How, then, to distinguish between "trolls" from adequate adequate interlocutors? What qualities should your opponent have in the video conversation and how to correctly realize yourself in communication on the Internet, this article will tell.

    Hidden features and benefits of video chat.

    What is video chat? Those who are familiar from the inside with the peculiarities of the work of this application can choose the answers to this question in different ways. Most believe that this is just a way of spending your leisure time, this is entertainment, nothing more. However, there are also those who could see more valuable achievements and opportunities in video chat. Find your other half, expand your horizons, suddenly find yourself in a completely different corner of the planet. And that's not all. How to learn to identify the maximum benefit in the use of video chat?

    Innovation, as a new way of communication

    Want to talk and do not want to spend time on long correspondence, then the web chat is a great alternative for you. With the help of this service, a whole world opens up for you, you have no time limits, you can talk as much as you wish, you are always interested in communicating with different people. No need to think about how to write, what to write, whether you are interested in your interlocutor - just communicate via the webcam and enjoy the conversation.

    Chatterelle is a wonderful way to meet a congenial man.

    What is an anonymous chat of dating attractive to users? Perhaps the fact that everyone who becomes a participant can afford to fully relax and turn into himself. At the same time, it does not matter at all what his status in real life is, whether he is a family or non-family person - in the video chat, everyone becomes equal, extremely open, and completely independent from anyone.

    The visitor of our site gets on a randomly selected interlocutor and starts communicating with him, if he didn’t like the interlocutor, he can easily be changed to another (to do this, click the Next button).

    Main features of our chat:

    Our chat roulette is unique and fundamentally different from other chat rooms. Below you can find 5 advantages:

    1. Fast registration - in order to start working with the service you do not need to spend a lot of time. Registration is carried out in just 5 minutes.

    3. Around-the-clock access - you can enter the chat at any time of the day and find yourself a person: a man or a woman.

    5. Great audience coverage - a large number of users from all over the world come to the site daily. You can find yourself an interlocutor from the USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Spain, Italy and so on.

    7. Stable search for friends - you do not have to sit on the site all day to meet interesting people. Record a video message to users and tell us about yourself. People will look at the record and contact you. You can also search for friends in the same way.

    9. Selection of a gender - only with us you can choose the interlocutor's gender and sift out people you do not want to communicate.


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